The Escambron mRNAseq Protocol

A copy of:

The Eel Pond mRNAseq Protocol

  1. Titus Brown, Camille Scott, and Leigh Sheneman.

modified for use with local resources at the University of Puerto Rico by Humberto Ortiz-Zuazaga.

This is a lightweight protocol for assembling up to a few hundred million mRNAseq reads, annotating the resulting assembly, and doing differential expression with RSEM. It is part of khmer-protocols; see the main page for this version for citation information, and the khmer-protocols site for the latest released version.

Special thanks to Dr. Joshua Rosenthal for his help in developing this, and to Dr. Leslie Babonis for her feedback on various problems!

The tutorial:

Reference material

Commandline conventions

LICENSE: This documentation and all textual/graphic site content is licensed under the Creative Commons - 0 License (CC0) -- fork @ github.
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